About Us

Cross Construction, Inc., is a general contractor focusing on asphalt/concrete road paving, underground utilities/infrastructure, earthwork, and recycling. We operate a state-of-the-art drum-mix asphalt plant in Rantoul, IL. From our main offices in Urbana, Illinois, we service Champaign, Vermilion, Ford, Piatt, DeWitt, Moultrie, Edgar, Douglass, and McLean counties.

Our History

Cross Construction was founded in 1947 by George Cross and began as an earthmoving and underground utilities contractor. Although the company has relocated a few times, it has always been domiciled in Urbana, Illinois.

In 1951 the company was incorporated, and over the next 20 years ownership was shared between Ed Roesch and Jim Torry.

In 1972 Gene Salmon, who began as a bookkeeper in 1964, became a co-owner, and the company focused primarily on underground utilities.

Cross started its road and street division in 1976. Ten years later it purchased its first asphalt plant in Rantoul, Illinois, and began an asphalt paving division.

In 1996 Gene’s son, Kurt, joined Cross Construction; four years later he was named Chief Operating Officer.

In 2002 the existing batch-mix asphalt plant was replaced with a new drum-mix plant. By that time Cross had become a “full-service” contractor, providing asphalt and concrete paving, all types of underground utility installation, and earthmoving.

In 2003 he was named President of the company and was allowed to purchase 10% of the company. In 2005 Gene Salmon passed away after a long and courageous battle with cancer. In 2006 Kurt was able to purchase the remaining shares to become the sole owner of the company.

Although the company has done several jobs for private individuals and area businesses, the majority of Cross’s work is performed for federal, state, and local governmental entities along with area utility companies.

2010 marked the company's 60th year as an incorporated entity, and we are grateful and pleased to say that we have never had a year yet in which we have failed to turn a profit, thanks to the leadership and work force of the company.